Shield and Reward: God does EVERYTHING

Written by Leland Ping on Mar 24, 2016

God is a One Stop Event. That is, while in order to satisfy all of the demands of life we must go to different stores, pay different bills, and be involved with all types of businesses, God does <i>everything</i>. That’s one of the reasons why it should be said that faith IS our life and not merely a part of our lives. In His promises to Abram, ...

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Our Battles Become God's Battles

Written by Leland Ping on Mar 16, 2016

Christianity is described as a spiritual warfare or as requiring us to be prepared for fighting on more than one occasion (II Corinthians 10:4; Ephesians 6:11; I Timothy 1:18). This theme seems fitting given that much of the Old Testament is centered on a discussion of Israel and/or Judah’s physical wars with neighboring nations. To really succe...

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Four Qualities of God

Written by Leland Ping on Mar 09, 2016

The Bible is filled with particular passages that, in just a few words, completely capture the character traits or qualities of the Lord. In such passages, someone unfamiliar with the Creator will be quickly impressed with the greatness of God. And for those who have made it their objective to faithfully serve Him long ago, such passages are good...

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