When We're Baptized...

Written by Leland Ping on May 09, 2016

The reasons to be baptized are innumerable. Wanting to be saved, wanting to avoid hell, and wanting to please the Creator are just some of the many reasons to obey the gospel of Christ. When we choose to serve God by being baptized, there are equally innumerable benefits. At Pentecost, the inspired apostle Peter commanded those who heard that fi...

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Being Blameless Means NOT Learning

Written by Leland Ping on Apr 27, 2016

Learning is important. In fact, learning is vital! This is true physically (how to eat, dress, walk), socially (appropriate conversation modes), and spiritually (pleasing God, being able to teach others). Learning can be, however, a very detrimental thing to our spiritual health and wellbeing. In fact, God commanded his children many years ago ...

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Offering Sacrifices... The Road to Joyful Hearts

Written by Leland Ping on Apr 18, 2016

When King Solomon concluded the construction of the great temple in the city of Jerusalem, the people of Israel gathered around for a dedication ceremony that included a speech, a lengthy prayer, and a great blessing on the people wished for and presented by the king himself. Soon after, Solomon led the people in offering a large number of sacrifi...

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