As For God... Three Things That Sum Up Our Wonderful God

Written by Leland Ping on Oct 03, 2016

Like all men of God, David knew the importance of saying “thank you” to the Creator and giving Him the praise He so richly deserves. Near the end of his life, David offered up a rather lengthy prayer of thanksgiving and praise and in doing so, included this statement that so wisely and completely captures the essence of our incredible God. <i>“...

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Silver and Gold? Forget About It!

Written by Leland Ping on Sep 12, 2016

Silver, gold, and other precious medals are valuable. They have been treasured throughout history, leading men and women to do impressive (and oftentimes, foolish) things. Silver and gold are expensive. An ounce of silver is currently trading at over $33. And gold has gotten lots of attention in the last couple years as the price per ounce has ...

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Some “Outside” Thoughts on Instrumental Music in Worship

Written by Leland Ping on Jul 11, 2016

The New Testament church worshipped God in song and we, in following that pattern, do the same. We don’t use any mechanical instruments, we have no praise band, and we don’t even use a simple piano or organ to “help” us in our praise of God. The inspired apostle Paul wrote, “speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing...

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