Liberty For Us — True or False

Written by Leland Ping on Jul 05, 2017

The most important liberty we’ll ever know has nothing to do with the events which transpired 241 years ago this week when 56 men signed their names pledging their everything to the cause of independence and liberty from Great Britain. We as Christians have been freed from sin’s bondage and from the power of Satan. With Christ, we hope for someth...

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Essentials in Prayer

Written by Leland Ping on Jun 26, 2017

It is important for Christians to remember that prayer is a central component of who we are as servants of God. To fully appreciate its power and place in our lives, we must also be careful so as to not only look at prayer through a New Testament lens. That is, we can’t only think of communicating to God in terms of what we learn in the New Testa...

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Four Key Adjectives

Written by Leland Ping on Apr 06, 2017

By the time a child enters middle school, there are some key language arts concepts that should be firmly set in the child’s mind. By the time sixth grade rolls around, a child should be able to define an adjective as a word that describes a noun and in doing so, adds to the meaning and context of a statement. Bible students don’t necessarily nee...

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