The Products of Envy and Selfishness

Written by Leland Ping on Mar 07, 2015

The Bible warns us about the danger of “envy” and “self-seeking” by telling us that they produce “confusion and every evil thing” (James 3:16). Nothing good comes from envy and nothing positive comes from selfishness. If only it were simple and easy to fully rid ourselves of these ungodly qualities. Confusion is likened to commotion or instability ...

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The Time and Day is NOW

Written by Leland Ping on Feb 27, 2015

Of all the great things about serving God, perhaps one of the greatest is that the Bible spends a great deal of time talking about God’s foresight and wise plans for the future. As one continues through the scriptures, he is able to read the fruition of those plans and is shown time and again that what God has promised always comes true. Some seven...

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Change: A Tough (but Good) Word

Written by Leland Ping on Feb 20, 2015

Without any doubt, one of the most challenging things for humans is “Change.” We are creatures of habit who like our patterns and things a certain way. Yet, while there are definite challenges that come with change, there are significant benefits to change. In his letter to the Romans, Paul talks a great deal about change when he uses the two littl...

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