See the Salvation of the Lord!

Written by Leland Ping on Jan 17, 2016

The parting of the Red Sea and the successful crossing by the Israelites is one of the most dramatic and awe-inspiring scenes in the Bible. God’s ability to change nature and put the powers of the sea at his disposal is yet one more piece of evidence which proves both His greatness and His authority. In response to his people’s lack of courage in...

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It's Always Time to "Lift Up"

Written by Leland Ping on Jan 11, 2016

Throughout the Bible and almost exclusively in the Old Testament, the phrase, “Lift Up” is used repeatedly in a variety of ways. In the book of Psalms, the phrase is employed to illustrate our need for God, our dependence on God, and our desire to show our God our intentions to obey Him. Given that we must always consider our relationship with Go...

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Hagar, Ishmael … Sarah, Isaac: Why It All Matters

Written by Leland Ping on Jan 08, 2016

The barrenness of Abraham’s wife Sarah is a common theme through the scriptures wherein an otherwise healthy woman of child bearing age was unable to become pregnant. This situation posed a serious challenge for the husband who wanted his name to be carried forward and for the wife whose inability to have children was a serious, psychological setb...

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