God - The Really Incredible Knitter

Written by Leland Ping on Feb 29, 2016

Of all the things that God is likened to, thinking of Him as one who knits things isn't something that likely comes to mind for most people. After all, we might say, knitting is for “older ladies” who sit in their rocking chairs for hours on end making garments for their grandchildren. Yet, God is really an incredible knitter and we are His mater...

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Warned in a Dream

Written by Leland Ping on Feb 22, 2016

There are five occasions in short succession wherein God or one of His angels approached individuals with a series of warnings by way of dreams that are of great interest. At the beginning of the New Testament, we find God actively using these dreams to share messages of great importance to different individuals and find that the dreams are all a ...

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Setting Our Minds to Work

Written by Leland Ping on Feb 16, 2016

The most important work in which we’ll ever be engaged is the work of Christ, His church, and spreading His message to a lost and dying world. Nehemiah was a great and visionary leader who knew that in order for important work to be done it would require a serious and sober mindset. In reference to the important work of their day (rebuilding the Je...

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