Silver and Gold? Forget About It!

Written by Leland Ping on Sep 12, 2016


Silver, gold, and other precious medals are valuable. They have been treasured throughout history, leading men and women to do impressive (and oftentimes, foolish) things. Silver and gold are expensive. An ounce of silver is currently trading at over $33. And gold has gotten lots of attention in the last couple years as the price per ounce has soared to over $1,700. In a world so driven and motivated by riches, these numbers appeal. People dream about more money and what they could and would do with an extra $100, $1,000, or even $1 million! As with many things in this life, the Christian’s attitude is to be different. When it comes to silver and gold, our attitude should be, “Forget About It!”

Consider the words from Peter in I Peter 1:18-19:

“Knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things, like silver or gold, from your aimless conduct received by tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot.”

This powerful passage teaches us some key things. Furthermore, an accurate understanding of this passage would dramatically improve the lives of each and every person who is caught up in the perpetual race to “get ahead.” It’s important to note, first of all, that worldly things CAN NOT and WILL NOT redeem us. The reason for this is simple—things that are a part of this world are temporary, perishable, or in the words of the apostle, “corruptible.” From the eternal perspective, one looks at the things of earth as almost meaningless.

It’s also important to note that Peter says that ONLY Jesus’ blood can make us without spot. No amount of riches can take away sin. Perhaps it helps to consider this scenario. Pick which you’d rather be. THE wealthiest person in the world (with a net worth of over $74 billion), a wonderful spouse, loving family, and good health. A relatively poor American who has to work hard, has little in savings, has poor health and a strained relationship with his family but is a faithful, redeemed Christian. For the man or woman of faith, this is an easy one!

We know that without the blood of Jesus, we are hopeless. There’s absolutely nothing in this world that’s worth giving up our eternal salvation for! As Christians, we have the great privilege of looking at the things this world offers and say, forget about it! It doesn’t matter to me. As we interact with our friends and coworkers who are clearly mesmerized by what the world offers, we can and must do our part to encourage them to consider the precious blood of Jesus and give their lives over to Him and His service.

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