From Curse to Blessing

Written by Leland Ping on Feb 05, 2015


An understanding of the Bible account, of the realm of all that is spiritual, and our own lives is easily summed up with the phrase, “From Curse To Blessing.” Understanding this concept is important in knowing how fortunate we are to serve the loving God who made this transition possible. And, being able to appreciate this transition is aided by the words of the apostle who wrote the following in Galatians 3:13-14:

“Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us... that the blessing... might come.”

With a passage like this one, it’s easy to get caught up in the argument being made to the original and intended audience that we lose sight of the fact that we are SO fortunate to have Jesus who is really the central point of the entire text and, of course, our own salvation. With sin comes a curse. That curse is far greater and more powerful than any antidote which we, as mere humans, could ever create or find. This curse of sin leads to a state of hopelessness. But thanks be to God that it’s through Christ that the blessing comes. And that’s something we can never forget nor be reminded of enough for many reasons.

One reason this matters so much is because, when we first became saints in service to our Lord, we said that we would get rid of the old man and the old ways. We would voluntarily leave the paths of sin (which provide for the curse) and serve our Savior and the blessing of Him. But we know quite well that Satan will target Christians and do all he can to tempt and destroy us. And one of the most effective ways of doing this is to make the curse and ugliness of sin not look so bad. And when he is able to pull the wool over our eyes, well, we find ourselves “re-involved” with the paths of sin.

It is also important for us to keep the concept of curse v. blessing in mind as it provides a teaching tool for others. In the course of an average month, each of us will interact with someone who is having a bad day (or week, or month, or...). While we certainly don’t like it when others are feeling down, those times are perfect opportunities for us to encourage, to pray with, and even invite them to study and worship with us. As part of that conversation, we can incorporate Paul’s statement by teaching our friends that even though lots of bad stuff happens in this life, God has promised us and provided for us the greatest of blessings. That transition is only possible because of Christ and will only be taught by us!

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