We Can Fool People, But We Can't Fool God

Written by Leland Ping on Jan 25, 2015


It’s possible that we can live our entire lives and make it so that others never really know who we truly are, what we really believe, or how we actually think. In fact, we’re likely happy that our friends don't have complete and unfettered access to our brains wherein our past mistakes and dark secrets could be made known. God, however, sees all that we do and knows every thought that crosses our minds. David told Solomon the following in I Chronicles 28:9:

“Know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind; for the Lord searches all hearts and understands all the intents of the thoughts.”

If we serve God with hearts that lack loyalty, He’ll know it! God has always desired service that is the result from a pure heart wherein we totally dedicate ourselves to Him and pledge that we’ll never forsake the work He’s given us to do. Loyalty is an important component of any relationship. How much more important it is, then, when considering the most important relationship we’ll ever have — with our God.

Our service to God must also be marked with a willing mind. Had God wanted humans to automatically obey Him, He could have made that happen. Instead, from the very beginning, God gave mankind the ability to choose whether or not he did one particular thing over another. When we serve God willingly, we are telling Him that we voluntarily “choose” to be in service to Him.

It’s important for us to know that God can’t be fooled. It’s equally important for us to know how important it is to be loyal to the Creator and to serve Him willingly. Not considering these things jeopardizes our relationship with God and hinders our ability to live in full service to Him while setting the right examples for others. We’ll never be able to fool Him and, if we remain faithful to His cause, that will never be a concern. We count it a privilege to serve this great God.

In an effort to better serve Him and, in the words of the text, “Know the God” let us begin this week with a greater determination (than ever) to find ways to draw ourselves closer to Him. As part of this, we should try to draw ourselves closer to one another and use the strength that comes from our common faith. Let’s be honest with ourselves and, if there are areas for improvement, admit our shortcomings, seek the help that’s necessary, and pray to our Father asking Him to assist us in being loyal and heartfelt in service to Him. He will surely answer and He will surely bless us in that service!

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