Creating a Lasting Remembrance

Written by Leland Ping on Nov 23, 2015


When considering their temporary existence on earth, most people hope that they’ll “leave behind” something of value so that their children, grandchildren, and future generations can remember them and the good they did. Yet, if we’re honest with ourselves, we are forced to admit that even if our immediate heirs miss us, remember us, and think back fondly on their time with us, it won’t take long before no one is affected by our passing. The wise man Solomon recognized this when he wrote,

“For there is no more remembrance of the wise than of the fool forever, since all that now is will be forgotten in the days to come. And how does a wise man die? As the fool!” (Ecclesiastes 2:16).

Needless to say, this isn’t the most comforting thought. To know that any good that we’ve done or legacy we’ve left will eventually fade away from the remembrance of any and all men can, for some people, be a very saddening affair. What’s more important than future generations knowing our specific deeds is the remembrance that each of us can create by teaching others the truth, bringing Christ into their lives, and by providing a lost and dying world with the necessary opportunity to know God and the salvation He provides through His perfect Son.

It is often said that we are but one generation away from people who don’t know God. How true and how frightening this is. If you don’t teach others about Christ and I don’t teach others about Christ, then no one will. When we’re gone and they’re left, it will be impossible for them to teach something they’ve never learned. It doesn’t take long, then, for something as tragic as a completely lost world, void of God’s children, to come into existence.

While the thought of physical death is unpleasant for many, we can take refuge in the thought that, even when we’re gone from this earth, the remembrance of Christ remains. Think of it: the very words we utter this day can affect countless future generations. While it’s true that the men and women of those generations are souls that we’ll never meet or know, it’s exciting to know that our lives of obedience today and willingness to teach Christ to others is a lasting remembrance that can and will impact countless others whose lives have yet to occur but whose eternities are just as important as our own.

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