Going the Way of the Earth

Written by Leland Ping on Jul 25, 2017

On two occasions in scripture, the phrase, “Going the way of all the earth” is used in reference to a person preparing to cross from this life into eternity. Joshua used the phrase near the end of his life, shortly before his famous challenge to his people to “Choose” who they would serve (Joshua 23:14). And in the closing moments of David’s life...

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We Should Consider...

Written by Leland Ping on Jul 20, 2017

Being a Christian is not simply something that we do and never give thought to who we are or what we’re doing. Instead, we are instructed to be thoughtful about our godly service, fully aware of the importance of our work in His kingdom. This was the point of the inspired writer when he wrote: <b>“For consider Him who endured such hostility f...

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The Power God Grants Us

Written by Leland Ping on Jul 11, 2017

Christians are commanded throughout scripture regarding the importance of humility. Additionally, God repeatedly tells His followers about the dangers associated with haughty attitudes and “Too Big For Your Britches” mentalities. At the same time, God has endowed each of us with incredible power that, although it comes from Him, is ours to use fo...

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