Who We Are:

  • We have no denominational affiliation, no governing association.
  • We have no title other than what the Holy Spirit has described us as in His inspired word: saints, disciples, followers, Christians.
  • We wear simply the name of Jesus Christ.
  • We acknowledge Him alone as our governing Head.
  • We are simply Christians. (Col 3:17;  Gal 6:14;  1 Pet 4:14-16)

What We Believe:

The Bible.
  • Not part of the Bible. All of it, and the Bible alone.
  • We follow no creed or teachings of men.
  • We preach, teach, read, recommend and seek to know and live the words God gave.
  • All of them.
  • We simply believe the Bible. (2 Tim 3:16-17;  2 John 9;  Rev 22:18-19)

What We Offer:

The Gospel of Christ.
  • Preaching that convicts, encourages, edifies, and exhorts.
  • Bible classes that are practical, informative, and stimulating for all ages.
  • An atmosphere for building better character and nurturing better homes.
  • Worship that is spirited, reverent, and God-centered.
  • A spiritual family committed to God, each other, evangelism, and a heavenly hope.
  • Simple spirituality. (2 Tim 4:2;  1 Pet 4:10-11;  Rom 12:9-13)